March 2004

March 7, 2004

Slick new Smartphone

MPx.jpgI really like my Motorola Smartphone, but the next version is way cooler. For starters, it can open either like a regular flip phone or sideways so you can type on the built-in QWERTY keypad (for doing email, etc.) Add Bluetooth, a 1.3mp camera, WiFi, and touchscreen to this Windows Smartphone to really top it off.

Of course, it's not shipping yet (expected second half '04), so nothing counts yet. Still, it looks sweet.

More details. Thanks to Gizmodo.


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Goodbye to Tam O'Shanter

Categories: Random junk

tamoshanterlv1.jpgA bit of Las Vegas history is gone forever. The 45-year old Tam O'Shanter Motel was torn down in January to make room for a new 22 story addition to the neighboring Venetian Hotel.

I never stayed at Tam O'Shanter, but I always looked forward to seeing it on my trips to LV. My two best high school buddies and I went to Las Vegas for our senior trip and for some reason, Tam O'Shanter struck us as really funny.

(Well, we were too young to gamble or drink, so all we could do was make fun of silly hotel names. Sad, I know, but it was funny and even more so as our brains suffered from the insulin tidal wave caused by the food debauchery of the Circus Circus buffet. I guess you had to be there.)

I like seeing the crazy big hotels on the Strip get even crazy bigger, but I'm sad to see bits of old LV go.

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Hatchet Man

Categories: Kids

Michael has a new favorite toy -- a red plastic hatchet that came with some Fisher-Price camping set. He doesn't really do much with it. He seems to just like carrying it around, holding it out in front of him with two hands or kissing it lovingly.

Scare me big time.

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More Michaelness

Categories: Kids

Michael: "I hate ."
Michelle: "Why?"
Michael: "Because he cries when I hit him."

Tough guy.

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