Is Google Copying Bing's Homepage Images?

Someone sent me some screenshots that look like Google is trying out a new feature that allows users to customize their homepage background image. (Sites like Bing or Google often try features out with a % of their users before releasing them into general use. Because these trials are somewhat random, it's hard to force it to happen. As a result, I haven't actually seen these features in action and can't categorically state that these are real images, but the source is credible.)

Here you can see the "Change background image" link they added in the bottom-left corner. (n.b. I added the bigger version to make it easier to read.)
Google homepage with "Change background image" link.

If you click the link, you get this dialog box asking if you want to upload from your computer, from Picasa Web, or a public gallery.
HTML dialog box over a dimmed background, asking user to select a background image.

Here's what you see if you click "Public Gallery".
HTML dialog box over a dimmed Google homepage, asking user to select a background image from the public gallery.

Here's the Google homepage with a custom background image. You can see the "Remove background image" link in the bottom-left.Google homepage with a green leaf photo in the background.

Maybe I'm biased because I work on Bing for Microsoft, but I think this looks like a bad copy of our custom homepage images. While I'm sure some users would like to upload their own photos to be the background, I think the best part of the Bing homepage is getting a lovely surprise everyday with interesting questions and links about the image. I wonder if Google is a getting a little spooked by Bing; they seem to copying a lot of our features lately.

Here's the much more attractive (IMHO) Bing homepage for comparison.
Bing homepage image

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