BrickArms - So Cool!

Guns and Legos are two of my favorite things in the world, so naturally, the coolest thing in the world are Lego guns (OK, not exactly a tour de force of logic, but humor me.) While the guns that Lego makes have gotten a ton better since I was a kid, they're still pretty lame.

Fortunately, BrickArms makes very sweet looking Lego guns, grenades, and knives (and a baseball bat!) as well as some custom mini-figures for your Lego combat action. I especially love the Halo themed weapons. Anyway, check it out.

BrickArms website


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patrick Reply

were can i get does weapons in a store ?

ryler Reply

cool..where did you find the picture?..or did u make them?

mike Reply

brickarms are great and i just ordered 40$ worth of them

dominic Reply

were did you get those wepons

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