Good Mexican Food Around Bellevue

A while back I wrote about good Chinese restaurants around Bellevue, specifically close to Microsoft and our house. There are also a few good Mexican places in Bellevue now as well. This wasn't always the case. When I first moved to Seattle in 1990, I had a hard time finding Mexican restaurants that could scratch the Mexican food itch I developed in California and Texas. While I'm no expert, there are finally a few places I like a lot.

  • Guerrero's store frontGuerrero's is actually a little Mexican grocery store, but in the back of the shop they have a little buffet set up. You get a plate or a styrofoam box, fill it up with lovely stuff, and pay by weight. Last time, I had a great lengua (tongue) in tomatillo sauce, amazing birra (beef) cooked crazy tender and yummy, chicken to die for, delicious beans, and fantastic nopalitos (cactus). They apparently have tortas and nice bread too. It made me happy to get a Mexican Coke to wash it down; they're sweetened with real sugar instead of corn syrup like American Coke. It makes all the difference. There are only a few tables in the place, so I've only ever had takeout. One tip, go for lunch. They don't do much dinner business, so the selection isn't very good, and the food had been out all day. The cashier actually apologized to me and told me to come back for lunch. Anyways, this is an amazing place. I highly recommend it. It's in the old K-mart shopping center off of 148th and Main. Incidentally, this little mall is home of a few of my favorite restaurants. In addition to Guerrero's, Szechuan Chef (stellar Chinese) and Tuna House (very good sushi) are there. Yum. 15015 Main Street, Suite 119, Bellevue, WA
  • El Rinconsito is a little more fast food and is apparently something of a chain, but no matter, it's very good. Their menu extends beyond tacos and burritos to posole, menudo (perfect for hangovers), grilled fish, a big jug of horchata (which I've never developed a taste for, I must admit), tortas, and more. Perhaps most unique, they are open late (3:00 am, I think -- unheard of in Bellevue). It's in the strip mall near Skate King and Wimbley's. Also, the same mall as Pizza and Sandwich House, one of my other favorite Chinese places. 2255 140th Ave NE Ste A, Bellevue

Many people also seem to like La Cocina Del Puerco in downtown Bellevue. It's pretty good, but I haven't had as ethereal experiences there as I have with these other two places. Of course, I haven't been there for a while, so maybe I should give them another chance.

Anyone hungry for lunch?

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Eastside Business Reply

Thanks for the great tips Tony. I too, have had a hard time finding authentic mexican food here in Bellevue. I only wish there were a couple of 24 hour tacos stands ... Can anyone say "Roberto's"?

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