I'm Lando Calrissian

As you know, I love these stupid web surveys. According to the latest, my Star Wars identity is Lando Calrissian.

Hm, not sure how I feel about this, but these web surveys are never wrong...

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Scott Reply

Well, I am Luke Skywalker. :)

q to the f Reply

Hahahahaha, hahahahahaha, hahahhahahAHAHAHAHAHAHahahaoooOOOOooooOOOOOOOhhhahahahahahahahhhh

q to the f Reply

ps. this morning anyway, I am Boba Fett... moohahahaha

KymPossible Reply

Sweet. I'm Queen Amidala. I'm sure if I'd been able to parent Luke myself he wouldn't have turned out to be such a sissy whiner in Episode IV.

Rob Reply

I'm Yoda: short, religious and a good fighter. Workplace appropriate this is survey is not young Lando.

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