Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Three months ago, I signed up for the Mercer Island Half-Marathon to motivate me to work out. I have mixed feelings about it now that I'm facing the run tomorrow. My eleven mile run two weeks ago was a big confidence builder, but I have some pre-race jitters as I think about the hilly course and all of the random things that can happen during a run.

Just to get my excuses out into the public light in case I need them later:

  • My calves and shins feel a little tight.
  • I pinched some skin on my toe last night playing Dance Dance Revolution in my socks at Kellie's last night: not heroic, I admit, but very fun. (And yes, Kellie, I will keep linking to that photo that you hate until you put up some online presence.)
  • The weather looks iffy for tomorrow.
  • My horoscope suggests I'll have a bad day tomorrow. (However, it looks like I'll be peaking physically tomorrow according to my biorhythms.)

Still, the race has already accomplished its goal: it got me to work out more regularly and longer. I wasn't as diligent as I'd hoped, but I'm certainly stronger than I was three months ago and have lost a few pounds.

So, with any luck, I'll finish the race tomorrow without injury. With a little more luck, I'll actually run this in pretty good time (anything sub-2:30 would be awesome). I'll be running with Eric and Bruce plus some other friends like Kristen will be there to cheer us on, so I'm sure it will be fun no matter what.

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