How Much is My Blog Worth Updated

A year ago, I wrote that one site estimated that my blog was worth $13,548.96 based on some funny math about inbound links and so on.

Somehow, despite the fact I have more links than before, my blog is now apparently worth a few hundred dollars less: $12,984.42.

By contrast, the IE Blog has increased significantly in value, from $1,018,994.70 last year to $1,478,530,26 now.

Maybe the people linking to me are worth less now than the ones who linked to me last year. Time to go find some sugar daddy to link to me...

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Cody Croswell Reply

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Your blog,, is worth $0.00

WoW. I feel special.

jeffdav Reply

Well, my wine blog is worth $546. Man, I feel so cheap.

Tony Reply

Jeff, I just added your wine blog to my blogroll. Maybe it will increase your worth a little.

KymPossible Reply

How sad for you to have depreciated in value. On the other hand, our friend Quornflour's blog, is worth $80,164.68. Isn't she l33t?

Alas, my puny blog, is only worth $2,258.16. Guess I better keep my day job.

quornflour Reply

wow mine is skyrocketing, last time I checked it was a mere 24K but that was back when my technorati rating was in the hundred thousands... apparently people like me as my rating is now in the 24K rating range... and my goal for the year was to get it into 50K...
Must be my snark.
If you don't know what I am talking about then get reading!
<3 Q

quornflour Reply

p.s. perhaps y'all should link to me and that would help out for all parties.
Aren't I nice?

Cody Croswell Reply

Tried. Sigh, still worth zilch. No love for the mac users. :-D

Tony Reply

Mac users love themselves and each other enough without needing anyone else to love them. :)

quornflour Reply

I felt compelled to look at my current blog "value" when I noticed that according to technorati my blog has shot up from 1Mil+ when I started it to ranking in the 17Ks today... Seeing that I wanted to know my "value" which has gone up from the 24K$ when I first checked it to 119K$ today.
I would like to cash that in, thanks.

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