Parmesan Crisps

I spent way too much time today making and eating Parmesan crisps today. These are little cheese crisps that you eat like a cracker. Mmm...

There's really nothing to making them.

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees (Gas Mark 3).
  • Line a cookie sheet with a Silpat (btw, Silpats are the best thing in the world...)
  • Make little mounds of shredded Parmesan cheese, how big depends on the size you want your final crisp. I like the little bite sized ones best. The cheese with spread a bit. Don't make the center too peaky or the cheese will be too thick in the middle.
  • Top the mounds with a little pepper or other seasoning if you like. (I'll try cayenne next time.)
  • Pop the sheet into the over for 10-12 minutes, until the crisps are toasty brown. I found I had to turn the cookie sheet around after 6-7 minutes to keep the cooking even.
  • Once they're done, take the sheet out and let the crisps cool a bit (they can still be a bit chewy until they cool off.)

So easy to make and so tasty. I discovered the time it takes a new batch to cool off and get eaten is about the time it takes to bake the next batch. How convenient.

I don't know how well they keep because none survived the day. Maybe I'll figure that out some day...

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Elphaba Reply

These sound great. Just curious, did the kids like them, or did you hoard them for yourself and not share? Strange thing, cheese. I love it. My dad loves it. My maternal grandfather, mother and brother won't touch the stuff in any form.


Connie Reply

Yes! I love these. Really yummy with a good glass of sparkling wine. Red is good too, but more serious...

Tony Reply

Michael thought they were OK. Andrew wouldn't try them. More for me.

Leslie Reply

Crude as it is, you can make these in the microwave. Do it on parchment paper and give them about 60 seconds on full power.

10-12 minutes is far too long to wait for such goodness.

quornflour Reply

you could put a fresh basil leaf on them and they would be tasty and pretty.

RoboFrank Reply

Microwave isn't an option without power, apparently neither is blogging! ;) (For those wondering about the windstorms, I checked with Tony and the family is OK though they didn't have power this morning)

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