Custom Device Skins

Now that Michelle and I both have the same phone (the awesome T-Mobile Dash), we need a way to tell them apart (having already had the embarassing problem of grabbing the wrong phone in the morning.) Since she bought hers first, Michelle has made it clear that this is my problem to solve.

Enter Tego, an online shop where you can make custom skins for tons of different devices including phones, computers, mp3 players, and gaming devices. The design process is simple and well-built. You just pick the template (they have tons including the Dash) and overlay your images. 

The customization screen with a photo I took in Hawaii.

Once I decide what to make, I'll order one and let you know how it turned out. I might them for our Xbox 360, the kids' Gameboy DS Lites, and my laptop if they're cool. Slick.

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Tony Reply

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but no, I don't. I just uploaded a random photo for the purposes of the screenshot.

Franco Reply

Tony's just being modest, that's him on the phone

Tony Reply

Unfortunately, I think my belly is bigger...

Mark Reply

Looks like the Tego site doesn't work. But I did some searching and found an even better one. Check out, they have an awesome tool that allows you to customize your skin!

lolo Reply

does really work?
my brother thinks it is just a scam..

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