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Ah, home. While Indonesia had its charms, I'm glad to be home where I can drink the tap water, drive between the stripes on the road, and see through the air. Oh, it's good to see Michelle and the kids too... :)

Aside from the two jackasses across the aisle who thought that everything they said was important enough for the whole plane to hear (it wasn't), the flight from Taipei was uneventful. I stayed awake most of the flight in order to be sleepier when I got home at 7:30pm.

I was the first one off the plane and through passport control (I think that may have been the first time for me for both of those.) Even though I got flagged into an agricultural inspection (I guess they get ansy when you come from Indonesia and say you're carrying food products, even if it is just chilli sauce and roasted coffee beans), I was in my car less than an hour after wheels down. God bless America.

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