In the Taipei Airport

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I'm in the business class lounge at Chiang Kai Shek International Airport here in Taipei, waiting for my connection to Jakarta. The lounge isn't too bad as far as these things go. In particular the food in't too bad (Dorian Orr, my travel partner from Microsoft's security team, keeps going back for meat baozi - humbow for the Seattle folks).

The fun surprise was a game room filled with XBox 360s. Dorian proceeded to kick my ass at Dead or Alive 4 (he's vicious with Christie, the white haired snake-style fighter gal.) That was a nice way to kill some time during this four hour layover.

The Eva Airways flight from Seattle to Taipei was uneventful. I mostly just ate and slept (story of my life, I guess). It wasn't as lux as Air New Zealand or even Northwest, but the flight attendants were cute, so there's that.

I had hoped to post this from the lounge, but I am unable to connect to the wifi network. I tried it in both IE7 and Firefox, but their site fails. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to get another bao. Another hour or so and it'll be time to board.

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