Two things I suck at

Gary Schare, my counterpart in Marketing, hosted a little poker party last night at his house. While we waited for people to show up, I shot a little pool with Max Stevens, a program manager on my team, and I shot a little pool. I suck at pool. This is despite having had a pool table for a few years.Max was nice enough not to gloat.

Turns out I suck at poker too. I haven't really played much, so I made a bunch of dumb mistakes including a mind-blower in the last hand. Fortunately, I won few big hands near the end of the night so it wasn't a total disaster, but I'm pretty sure I was the big loser of the evening.

I really do enjoy both pool and poker, so I guess I'll just have to get better at them or continue to enjoy losing. Anyway, fun night.

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Jeff Petrin Reply

There is an old poker adage that says if you can't immediately figure out who the sucker is at the table..... you're it. Didn't know it held true for pool too though ;)

Tony Reply

I think it was pretty clear to all concerned who the sucker at both tables was...

Max Stevens Reply

Oh you weren't THAT bad at pool, I was just surprisingly lucky that night, that's all.

As for poker, well, um, yeah, you did an excellent job drinking beer :)


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