Got my first Google Adsense check

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I just got my first check for the ads on my site. It was enough for a very nice bottle of whisky (which is likely what I'll buy). I think this is my first hobby that has generated any money. Not enough to retire on, but it's fun.

Google won't sent the check until you have $100 in the account. I got to this point more quickly than I expected when I first started with the ads in November of last year. (Traffic has been picking up slowly). I admit it was fun to watch the money add up - a quarter here, a dime there. I haven't really done anything to optimize the ads; this was just a grand experiment. I will say that the Google guys have done a good job here.

Thanks to everyone for clicking the ads!

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Chrix Reply

I am going to go bonko on all your AdSense ads from now on. You should write a post about personal injury attorneys to see whether high-CPC ads like that get you more of a cut :-) Gosh, where are the personal injury attorneys when we need them? I've heard that if you are in need of a personal injury attorney because of a car accident, work-related accident, or other lawsuit, any given personal injury attorney will pay a very high dollar amount for even a single ad click on their personal injury attorney ad.

Paul Ooi Reply

I got mine in March. It took me 1 year to get the first cheque, and I spent the money to go Singapore for 2 days trip.

Samuel Reply

I havent Received mine since 5 month I had applied google adense.

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