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Slashfood reported that USA Today has named the top 10 barbeque joints in America. I'm not sure USA Today is really the definitive source for all things food, but based on the one place on the list I've been (Goode Company Bar. B.Q. in Houston, TX) I'm sure the places are at least great.

I would have added Bullocks in Raleigh, NC, although I think I was swayed by the amazing baskets of hush puppies that came out first. I used to like Luther's in Houston a lot too (the reviews lately haven't been good). Then, there's always the County Line in Austin, home of all-you-can-eat q -- just the thing for hungry college boys. Of course, Seattle is not well known for good q, but near work, we love our Dixie's. You haven't lived until you've met The Man -- a crazy hot sauce that Gene, the proprietor, dishes out from a little sauce pan as he heckles you.

I love barbeque of all types and would love to hit this list. Even better, I want to go on a tour of the great bbq cookoffs and contests around the country to judge for myself. Anyone want to come? How can we pass up the "Superbowl of Swine" at the Memphis in May World Barbeque Championships?

(Maybe I should start with the list of Seattle's best q first though.

[Updated 5/10/2006 to fix the link to the Seattle's best q list]

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michael k Reply

Jones is pretty good, but my two favorites are Bill's Bodacious BBQ (in Renton) and OK Corral / My House in Greenwood. Sooo good.

Tony Reply

I do like Jones. I'll have to try the others.


yukino Reply

Make sure you try both -- they're very different. Bill's is all about the dry rub (but has a tasty fruit-based sauce on the side -- be sure to ask for one each of normal and hot). OK Corral features a tart vinegar-based sauce, and the fried catfish and hush puppies are also must-tries. Yum.

I've lost my taste for Dixie's. Very disappointed the last couple times I went and tried to judge based on flavor (main strategy: don't get any of the man). But I suppose that's called Missing The Point. :)

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