God wants me to buy a new driver

Last summer, you may recall that my colleagues broke two of my golf clubs accidently within 30 seconds of each other. Well, lightning struck again. While I was in Las Vegas playing golf with my parents (who retired there), I broke the head off my driver, sending it bouncing along the cart path. It's eight years old so I got my money's worth, but it was the one club I could pretty consistently hit so I'm a little sad.

After that, I did manage to hit my Dad's driver about 300 yards (downhill with the wind behind, no doubt), so that felt good (and made him a little angry...) I was actually hitting my irons very well (which never happens). I was hitting about a club longer than normal; I think this may be due to my improved physical condition, although it could just be because it's early in the season, so I haven't messed up my swing yet.

Anyway, time to get a new driver.

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