Reading websites on a phone

Reading web sites on my phone is a bit of a pain. (Note: I'm not responsible for Pocket Internet Explorer -- that's another team...) Most sites simply aren't formatted for the little screens.

Google Mobilizer is a neat site that takes an URL and strips it down so it can be read more easily in a cellphone browser. The only thing I wish it did was create a new URL that I could set as a favorite, so I could immediately jump to the stripped form of all my favorite sites.

Skweezer does this as well and actually does provide the permalink to the stripped site. I like the smaller text (more on the screen), but Google did a better job hiding the navigation menus, letting me see the bulk of the text. Also, Skweezer removed the ads from the test site and inserted their own -- a bit annoying; Google didn't mess with the ads. Still, I like the name Skweezer a lot and may use it just because of that.

Thanks to Lifehacker for the link.

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You should dogfood :)

Live Search Mobile:

Ken Reply

Ooh, actually you don't need to dogfood anymore, it's out on the public MSN:

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