IE PM at Zoka Coffee

The IE Program Management team (my merry band) took a little break yesterday to learn about coffee at the Zoka Coffee headquarters. First, we learned all about the different kinds of coffee and how it goes from seed to cup. We then learned how to really smell and taste coffee, doing our own cupping. We did similar things with tea. We also learned what it takes to make an amazing latte (this was easily the best latte I've ever had.) Finally, we learned about roasting and the intricacies of getting that right.

It was a very nice break, and the folks at Zoka were very hospitable. (I won't say it was relaxing; we were all buzzing from caffeine the rest of the day.) If you're ever in Seattle, stop by one of their stores. You won't be disappointed.

More photos of our day.

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Felicity Reply

Here! Here! it was a great day.
One error I noticed though is that picture of Rob is not him breaking the crust (one spoon nose down), he was defoaming (2 spoons nose up)
Sorry for being a smarty.

trish Skeie Reply

Hey we had a lot of fun with you all too! Thanks for visiting.
(Another lil comment: the barista's name is Reid, not Ryan.)

Tony Reply

Thanks, Trish. I fixed the error. Sorry about that, Reid!

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