Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong xi fa cai! (...hong bao na lai of course, for those of you in the know.)

Happy Year of the Dog! While Chinese New Year is steeped in tradition, I don't do too many of them. The boys were happy to get their lucky money in red envelopes (who wouldn't be?), and we'll have a nice dinner tonight. (Should have been last night really. My oyster po' boy at the Seattle Yacht Club last night wasn't very traditional.)

According to ChineseAstrology.com, the Dog is loyal, tenacious, and watchful. 2006 should be a good year for international justice and righting of wrongs. I think we could all use some of that.

More from ChineseAstrology.com:

What to avoid in 2006:
- Guilt-trips (would have/ should have/ could have's)
- Pity-parties (I'll just sit here in the dark by myself)
- Pride ("cutting off one's nose to spite the face")
- Hanging on to dead-end anything (from relationships to clutter)
- Excessive worrying
- Panic (and it's ugly sisters -- anxiety and worry)

What to hold on to in 2006:
- A cause or special purpose
- Old friends who have stood the test of time
- Your Principles
- The Family Circle

The Dog year and those under it's influence are protectors of morals and defenders of the weak. Causes, revolutions and human-rights are on the agenda for the Dog year. The watchful Dog keeps us one step ahead of those who would harm us. However, while a single dose of anticipation is healthy, a double dose can be toxic and result in paranoia, expecting problems around every corner and jumping to conclusions throughout 2006.

Parents can expect to pull their offspring out of a scuffle or two this year. In like kind, these same parents may have to exercise herculean self-control at the workplace when the office bully flexes their muscles. Loyalty in relationships becomes more important than ever this year and best results are achieved by taking the high road in any given situation. Best results are acheieved when worry is transformed into advance thinking and planning.

OK, so now you know. Go have a good year and be safe out there.

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