Another octopus attack!

It seems that giant octopuses don't just attack sharks. Salmon researchers off the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada caught video of a giant octopus attacking their remotely controlled mini-sub. Although the octopus was huge and the submarine virtually defenseless, the mini-sub managed to escape unharmed by using its thrusters. (I know you were worried...)

In light of this attack, I renew my call for a cessation of hostilities between humans and octopuses. We won't treat you like sushi if you stop eating our subs.

Thanks to Al for the tip.

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kevin Reply

eh where's the vid?

Tony Reply

Yeah, I couldn't find the video either. Sorry. Just know that octopuses are out there hunting subs and play the video in your mind...

-- Tony

Felicity Reply

and today I ate his cousin because Christopher was too afraid to...

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