A comparison of three nightclubs

Crazy ladies at Howl at the Moon

Last night I went to three very different nightclubs in Seattle. The first was Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar in Pioneer Square; the second was the See Sound Lounge, a swish club in Belltown. The last was Belltown Billiards, which, as the name suggests, is a billiards club in Belltown (the clever buggers...).

Howl at the Moon is a loud, somewhat crass party bar full of older (mostly 30-somethings, with) patrons singing/screaming pop standards with the pianists and doing set dances to things like Time Warp and Shake Your Tail Feather. There was an abundance of drunk, heavy-ish middle age women who would get up on stage and shake what God gave them to the hoots of their friends. I think it would be a good axiom for me to only go to bars where, on average, the women are younger than I am and weigh less than I do. This was not the case at Howl at the Moon. If I were looking for a new friend, it would have been depressing; as it was, there wasn

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