Chicken Little and Serenity

cl_animate01_1.gifI don't see a lot of movies in theaters (mostly for time reasons), so it was a bit unusual this week that I saw two.

This evening we took the boys to see Chicken Little. This was a very fun movie that we all enjoyed. The boys are both finally old enough to enjoy movies in theaters; for a while, they both found theaters too stimulating -- too loud and the screen was too big. Anyway, it was a cute movie with Shrek-like use of parent-era pop music. I think the family was a little embarassed as I sang along...

Earlier in the week, Michelle and I saw Serenity. This is the movie version of the cult-favorite TV show Firefly. We had never seen the TV show, but we both really enjoyed this movie as well. It's a well-done sci-fi flick with a good premise and enough pace and tension to keep you on your toes. In particular, River, played by Summer Glau, is appropriately creepy and strange. The movie would have made more sense if I knew the backstory and characters better; this is one of the limitations of setting a TV show to film. I did do a little retroactive homework online to learn about the show, which cleared up a lot. I might need to see it again now.

Anyway, I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to see a film in a theater instead of on my laptop or TV. I'll have to start going more often. I will, however, not give Michael anymore Skittles; his hands were purple by the end of the movie somehow. Yuck.

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