Where are they now?

Class of '90'90 logoI got my 15th college reunion class book in the mail today. This tome consists of pages with photos and stories of our lives submitted by me and many of my classmates from Stanford.

Mostly, the stories go like this:

  • Graduated from Stanford.
  • Went into high tech/became an attorney/became a doctor.
  • Met the love of their life and had children.
  • Can't wait to see everyone at reunion this fall.

It's interesting to see who looked better during college and who looks better now. Not sure which camp I fall into, but Lord, the photo I sent reproduced terribly. I look thirty pounds heavier in the photo (really, I'm not that fat.)

I thought I'd been keeping up pretty well with the people who were important or interesting to me, but I was wrong. The book reminded me of a lot of fun times during college with lots of folks I've lost touch with. Fortunately, most people included contact info, so I'll be saying hello to some old friends soon.

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