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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceI finished it. The new Harry Potter book. I bought it at 12:03am at a local QFC (a grocery store -- I figured it would be less crowded than traditional bookstores). I came home, pulled an all-nighter, and finished around 6:35am.

I won't spoil the ending, but I will say much of the speculation on the web has been correct. There are a few shocks plus some expected resolutions. All-in-all, pretty good. Better than some of the others (like 2).

I should go to bed now, but we need to get ready for Andrew's eighth bday party later this morning. Hm, fifteen crazy eight year old boys and me on no sleep. This will be interesting.

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Actually I am waiting for the UPS guy to show up. Tony ventured out to pick up his copy at a grocery store late last night and already read it. Not sure I want to slurp up the book that... Read More


Leslie Evans Reply

YOU'VE ALREADY FINISHED IT?!?! Jeez. Mine hasn't even arrived from Amazon yet. And I wish I hadn't read your "review". Hmph.

Sorry, I'm still jet-lagged from China. Makes me whiny. ;-)

Connie Reply

I'm looking forward to reading about the birthday party!

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