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It's kind of amazing to me how my silly blog winds up coming up high on Google search resuls. I don't think many people really read this blog or link to it, so I admit I'm a bit confused as to why this site pops up on Google so prominently.

Anyway, here's a sample of some of the searches (other than for Tony Chor) result in top 10 hits (links are to the articles):

It's interesting to note that none of these are in the top ten on MSN Search. I guess I should have a word with the MSN guys...

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Justin Reply

How about your name's rank? :-)

Tony Reply

Yes, it's definitely a bit ironic that my site is only #2 for my name, but I guess MSDN pulls a bit more traffic.

Tony Reply

I should also note that while MSN Search also has this site as #2, Yahoo Search does what I naturally think is correct by posting my site as #1.

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