God wants me to buy new golf clubs

As a fun thing to do on a slow day, I took a bunch of my team out yesterday to Bellevue Muni golf course to hit some balls and get a hot dog for lunch. Several of the team including me brought golf clubs to share with the others.

Everything was going well. Then, two of my guys came up to me with sheepish grins and asked, "the review model is closed, right?" (this is our annual performance review with scores). Then they showed me not one but two broken golf shafts, the heads sheared off at the tip of the shaft.

One guy had broken my Callaway seven wood, the head flying 50 yards onto the range (probably the farthest he managed to get anything down range.) Then the guy on the next mat with my Callaway three wood does exactly the same thing.

I've never broken a single golf club in my life, let alone two. These are nice guys who weren't doing anything nutty. Lightning just happened to strike twice.

This is God's way of saying I need new clubs...

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I agree. And your irons are certainly not long for the world either. Your putter is clearly showing some stress fractures as well...

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