Go, Discovery!

shuttle.jpgI love the Space Shuttle and am glad to see NASA launching again. Like many loves, mine is a bit irrational. I know the Shuttle is a glorified truck built from 30 year old technology, but I still love it. I know it sucks money away from other programs that might advance science more quickly. I don't care.

This was the first time the boys really saw a Shuttle launch. They, of course, thought it was cool. We got to talk about how the shuttle works, what we learn in space, and how people get to become astronauts. It was a good conversation, one that got the boys thinking about science and hard work. The Shuttle program has already paid dividends to my kids.

Anyway, I'm glad to see the Shuttle back in space and wish the crew the best of luck. Godspeed, Discovery.

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Jeff Petrin Reply

I think our slice of our generation is uniquely positioned to appreciate this. We have slight memories of the Apollo missions from TV, bought into the Soyuz hype (I stood in my backyard looking for it), saw the Enterprise test the Shuttle concept, watched the first launch (with white external tank) in class during middle school and vividly lived through the Challenger in high school.

Mychal Schwartz Reply

You are right Tony, I had a (less sophisticated) great conversation with my 3 1/2 year old, Ethan about the whole thing. He was absolutely enthralled by the launch. It was pretty cool.

katya Reply

I hear you, Tony. The wonder may fade and get jaded by politics of nations, yet outlives them nonetheless. I am happy that this incredibly expensive "science for the sake of science" program exists. I am happy that there is something left with capacity to make our spirits soar.

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