Bending the language to his will

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The other night, I was reading to Michael (4). He knows his letters and can sound out words pretty well now, but he can be lazy about it. I pointed to a drawing of a rabbit in the book that had bunny spelled out next to it. I asked Michael to read the word.

Michael: "Rabbit"
Me: "No, Michael, sound it out. What's the first letter?"
Michael: "B"
Me: "Michael, what sound does b make?"
Michael: "Buh"
Me: "Good, now what's the word?"
Michael: "Brabbit."


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Janice Reply

I really enjoy your kid stories. Your site is very interesting. :)

Janice (Hagan WHS 86)

Tony Reply

Thanks, Janice! (Boy, it's been a long time...)

Cool how my old friends are finding me via this silly blog.

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