Horse meat ice cream?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- the Japanese are weird. I love a lot about the Japanese and Japanese society, but at the end of the day they're weird.

This article from Mainchi Daily News covers the strange world of Japanese ice cream where raw horse meat, whale, and natto (a nasty fermented soy bean product) wind up in ice cream. Now, I like my horse meat as much as the next guy, but I don't want it in my ice cream. Ever.

Thanks to Boing Boing for the tip.

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i love meat ice cream Reply

no way is horse ice cream weird, who ever had the idea of emat and ice cream was a genius, its really useful to animals as well:

james Reply

yeah, meat ice cream rocks, how could you say such a thing....

Kelly Reply

i love meat ice cream, its excellent!

Mike Reply

I completely disagree. I think it's disgusting. How can you combine these two completely different foods? They don't go together at all and i think meat ice-cream, particularly horse meat, is revolting.

Mike Reply

im so sorry for that last comment though, someone got to my computer and wrote somethign on this site which is not only a lie, it goes against everything i believe in.

Louise Reply

I think it's horrible.

I wouldn't buy it.


Louise Reply

no i dont, i am sooo sorry tony, but there seems to be a repeat mis-commenter on this website (personally i blame someone with a k for the first letter of their name....)

Kevin Reply


I haven't even commented on here!

Emma Reply

I loved ice cream, until one day i saw that people made meat ice cream, i was soo disgusted by what i saw that i never bought ice cream again

This is the internet, fool Reply

Ah, the age old conundrum of horse-meat ice cream. Sane men have gone insane pondering it, the wise have become stupid, the meat-eating have become vegetarian.

But I think the important question is not "What is horse-meat ice cream?" but "Why is horse-meat ice cream?". And for that I think we must turn to elements deep within the human psyche.

Brains are complex things. Some are, admittedly, more complex than others, but there is one thing that complex things all have in common. And that thing is strangely flavoured ice cream.

Shocking as it may sound, the correlation of horse meat ice cream sales and oil prices is widely known and well-documented. Well, OK, that's false, but that's not the point.

The point is, that if we wish to know ourselves, we must know horse-meat ice cream.

Tony Reply

Wow, I don't know who is doing all the commenting on this old post, but it's funny to see the banter. I agree that to know ourselves, we must know horse-meat ice cream...

The Big J Reply

ok horse meat ice cream is one thing, and i bet you think it tates nice, but wait till u try salmon ice cream, that is the best, fish and cream, its a marraige made in heaven man

Horseowner Reply

Your disgusting . Maybe if you rode or even been around a horse you change your heart. This is very wrong . Thank god for banning slaughter in America .I guess we are the only ones that have a EQUINE HEART . People are sick and probably would eat a cat or a dog too. Fish is ok . But save the domestic animals .

Tony Reply


Thanks for jumping into this thread with your well-reasoned arguments. Aside from the fact that I think everyone here is just joking around, I take it that you think people should only eat animals they don't like or that aren't cute. Is there some specific criteria about domestic animals? What an odd measure to evaluate edibility.

Also, there is no federal ban on the slaughter of horse in the United States, only state-by-state rules.

Carl Reply

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE????????????????????????????????????????????EATING HORSES

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