Harry Potter should go back to Azkaban

As many of you know, I love the Harry Potter series. Love it. Love the books, love the books-on-tape (Jim Dale is amazing), love all the rumors and musings about plots to come.

Too bad I hate the movies. It's especially too bad that I really hated the latest installation, The Prisoner of Azkaban. This was probably the best book so far and the worst movie (OK, maybe the first one was worse.) I know there's a lot of detail in the books that can't possibly be in the movie, but I thought the movie went so fast and was cut so poorly that the story didn't make sense.

I've heard that people who did not read the book liked the movie. That may be true. I've tended to dislike movies of books I've read in general, so this might not be a fair assessment, but boy was Azkaban a stinker.

Did it make sense to you?

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Bruce Reply

I don't think the movie was all that bad, but it definitely is the worst of the three. Two and half stars.

It was cut too fast and many details (character development, plotting, etc) where simply dropped from the book. It has a tremendous "middle movie in a series" feeling, which I suppose is unavoidable to a certain extent, but still. I doubt that the movie can be followed by someone who hasn't read the book.

And the somewhat overdone rich golden hues of the first two movies were dropped for a far more stark and IMHO drab silver and gray look. It's overdone in the opposite direction...

I tend to enjoy movie adaptations of books, and I've seen much better than "Azkaban".

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