IKEA as computer game

OMG, this is funny. The Morning News has written the FAQ for shopping at IKEA like one of those game walkthrough FAQs. Here's a little sample:

As you enter the main area, you will see an EKHARD oiled solid-oak dining sideboard. Quickly kick it apart to acquire the TABLE LEG WITH NAIL.

As you continue through the main SHOWROOM you will see groups blocking the walkways while chatting and others moving against traffic. These people should be killed immediately.

This may not be as funny if you don't play computer games or ever visited IKEA, but I have tested it on Michelle, who is thoroughly non-gamey (unless you count TextTwist. She also gets a little gamey after a weekend with no shower, but that's another matter entirely) She howled and forwarded it to Mike. Of course, that might be because they spent the summer at IKEA during our remodel.

In the end, I liked it, and it's my damn blog. So there.


This evening we heard a bunch of banging around on the deck. We pulled open the drapes to see pair of very cute raccoons on our deck. They were not afraid of us at all, coming up to the slider to check us out. Check out Mr. Adventurous ->

Given my in-depth knowledge of Procyon lotor I knew that this must be a mating pair. They will be together for a month or so and then in 60-73 days, we will have a litter of raccoons living under the deck. Sure enough, they scampered off for a little sumtin' sumtin' on the lawn. Nothing like having our own raccoon sex show...

(Gotta love my 50 1.4 lens and good 1600 ISO on the Canon 10D. This shot came was basically taken in the dark with just light coming out from our bedroom to iluminate the little guy.)