GPS Drawing

GPS' are super cool. I've been carrying a Garmin eTrex for a while to put GPS coordinates into the photos I've taken. This is part of the WWMX Project from Microsoft Research. It's very slick.

One of the cool side effects of always carrying a GPS is that I can see where I've been. It's been neat to see my paths charted out. Now, people with too much time and money have started drawing pictures by moving along the streets of their town with a GPS. The resulting tracks make words 70 miles high, etc. Kind of neat. Check out

I should note that this entry and the food simulator entry come from today's New York Times Magazine. This issue has a fun article on the "Ideas of 2003". Other "winners" were things like the "Nicotini", "PowerPoint Makes You Dumb" (a view I have expressed for years...), and more crazy Japanese inventions like "Spray-On Stockings."

Technology gone wrong.

I love gadgets as much (probably more) than the next guy. I also love food. What to do when the two collide? Well, not this. This is the "Food Simulator." It's a horrible abomination that has a force-feedback sensor to approximate bite, a delivery tube that sends chemical flavors, and a speaker to emulate the sound.

We have enough fake food already. This is the horrible and unfortunately logical end to the increasing distance between people and our food. Yuck.

Is that a gig in your pocket...

How good is 1.5G of pocketable storage? Check out the new flash drive from MPIO. Thanks to Gizmodo (my favorite gear site) for the pointer.

Of course, it still isn't as cool as the Pretec iDisk Tiny Luxury that I found in Taiwan. It's only 256MB (still super useful) and only USB 1.0, but it's so tiny (the size of the USB plug) and it just swivels out of it's case -- no cap to lose.

I love these little flash drives. I carry one all the time now and use it everywhere. I can't imaging getting by without this. In an age of wireless everything, it's funny how much I prefer sneakernet.