March 2006

March 25, 2006

Firefox myths

Someone sent me a link to this site. It's a good read. The Mozilla guys have done a very nice job with Firefox, no doubt, but the mythology around the thing has become epic. The Mozilla guys have been been mostly good about not spreading these too much from what I can tell, so it's really the fanboys and the press.

I haven't verified everything on the site nor have I read it completely even, but a quick pass seems consistent with things I know.

Anyway, read it and judge for yourself.

Firefox Myths

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God wants me to buy a new driver

Categories: Random junk

Last summer, you may recall that my colleagues broke two of my golf clubs accidently within 30 seconds of each other. Well, lightning struck again. While I was in Las Vegas playing golf with my parents (who retired there), I broke the head off my driver, sending it bouncing along the cart path. It's eight years old so I got my money's worth, but it was the one club I could pretty consistently hit so I'm a little sad.

After that, I did manage to hit my Dad's driver about 300 yards (downhill with the wind behind, no doubt), so that felt good (and made him a little angry...) I was actually hitting my irons very well (which never happens). I was hitting about a club longer than normal; I think this may be due to my improved physical condition, although it could just be because it's early in the season, so I haven't messed up my swing yet.

Anyway, time to get a new driver.

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Back from MIX

Categories: Random junk

I'm back from a great MIX06 in Las Vegas. My liver is OK again, and I'm mostly caught up on sleep. I have a bunch of stuff to blog this weekend. Stay tuned.

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March 17, 2006

Weird sleep experiments

Categories: Random junk

I'm working on an average of three hours of sleep a night for the past week as I get ready for the MIX06 conference next week. I'm having a hard time staying focused; every bright shiny object that comes by distracts me. Last night around 2:00am, I started hallucinating. Cool.

The show will be cool, but I can't wait for it to be over.

See you in Las Vegas!

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March 7, 2006

Countries I've been to

Categories: Random cool stuff

Aaron posted a map of the states he's been to. I thought this was cool, but I've been to all fifty states (mostly in the back of a station wagon as we were growing up). However, the site also can generate maps of the countries you've been to.

I hadn't actually ever calculated how many countries I've been to. I've visited nineteen countries, as it turns out, all but eight exclusively for work. I expect to add New Zealand and India to the list this year and maybe Italy, again, all for work.

The number is actually less than I thought. I'm pretty sure many of my friends have been to far more countries. I've missed all of South America, the Middle East, and Africa plus huge swaths of Europe and the Pacific. Anyone have a conference you need me to attend in Fiji?

(As a side note, this project highlights the challenges of defining what a country is. Should Taiwan appear separately from China? How do you treat dependent territories? And then there is the problem of disputed borders. Kashmir anyone? I sometimes miss the days from Bookshelf and Encarta when our team dealt with stuff like this. Mostly not though...)


create your own visited countries map

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March 6, 2006

Thanks, Kirby

Categories: Random junk

I was sad to see that Kirby Puckett passed away yesterday. Kirby was a great baseball player who played for the Minnesota Twins while I lived in Minnesota. I loved watching him play live and on TV. I especially remember cheering the Twins on through two World Series wins after I left Minnesota. Kirby simply loved the game and played with a ton of heart and even more hustle. The game has lost a great player.

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March 5, 2006


Categories: Exercise and Racing

After my long ride today, I weighed in at 169.4 pounds. I haven't seen this side of 170 pounds for probably 10+ years. Undoubtedly, dehydration played a small role, but I'm still excited.

So far, since I started exercising and eating a little better, I've dropped about fifteen pounds and three inches from my waist. Just this weekend, I opened up a box with old pants that didn't fit anymore; I pulled out a bunch of great pants that fit well again (even a little loose!) It was like Christmas!

I still have a lot of fat to loose, but it's nice to see progress.

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Building bike mileage

Categories: Exercise and Racing

Riders coming onto the ferry to Bainbridge Island
In the last two weekends (really today and last Sunday), I've ridden 77 miles, basically doubling the number of miles I've put on my bike since I got it in December.

Last weekend, I did the Chilly Hilly ride (one of the top rides in the country according to Bicycling Magazine.) This is a 33 mile loop around Bainbridge Island (click to see our route) and sort of formally kicks off the bicycling season. While it wasn't very chilly, it was, in fact, quite hilly. I rode with my esteemed colleagues Bruce, Clint (and his wife Whitney who kicked all our butts), and Todd (who rides for the Zoka bicycling team and is way out of my league). I did my best to keep up, but all these guys killed me climbing the hills. Still, it was a pretty ride and something of an accomplishment, even if I did have to walk halfway up one of the last hills. It took about 2:20 of elapsed riding time.

Tony, Clint, Whitney, and Bruce on the ferry

Today, I just came in from a 44 mile ride with Bruce and Todd around the north end of Lake Washington and back across the I-90 bridge (click here for a map of the area -- my GPS was out of battery today, so no ride map). As I rode to the meeting point, it was raining and very windy. The road was covered in fallen branches; I kept thinking "this is a bad idea". Fortunately, the rain stopped (the wind never did).

These guys were moving pretty fast (20-21 mph, which is fast for me) for the first part. We slowed down a bit as the path got bumpy and traffic picked up, but it was still a good tempo. A short break at the University Zoka coffee shop for a latte (still my favorite place for a latte) and a little pumpkin break helped pick me up. The hills at the end climbing toward the I-90 bridge, going over Mercer Island, and then coming back up Eastgate Way did me in. My legs were shot. I made it and feel proud, but I'm tired and sore now. 3:05 elapsed riding time.

Before Chilly Hilly, my longest ride had been a flat 20 miles, so these last two rides really increased my saddle time. I'm feeling pretty good on the bike, although I have a long way to go before I'm ready for STP. I need to look into different gloves and maybe a new saddle too; my hands and butt don't like the current set up.

More than anything, I'm grateful to have knowledgable friends to ride with. It's been a great help as I get started, and it's more fun and motivating to ride with others. (Drafting is nice too...)

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