April 2005

April 28, 2005

Murderous Coke fiending cows

Categories: Kids

Michael (4) has something of an imagination, but it comes out in weird ways. Last night, he told us a story he made up. Apparently, cows drink Coke because humans take all the milk. The Coke makes them a little crazy, so the daddy cow kills the mommy cow and the big brother cow (the parallels were a little troublesome to Michelle and Andrew) by punching them in the spine. Then, the daddy cow and the little brother cow kill the pigs. And then they kill the other animals including the fox (not sure why it was important to call out the fox, but it was.)

We'll be cutting back on Coke consumption around the Chor household right away.

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Gummy Hair

Categories: Kids

Michael (4) often likes his hair spiked up with gel; he thinks he looks especially dangerous this way (he does.) The other day, however, he tried to spike up his hair himself -- with chewing gum.

Michelle found him in the bathroom trying to get it out; naturally it was a mess. Fortunately, Michelle knows the secret Mommy tricks to getting it out (soynut butter) so no hair had to be cut.

I don't think he'll be doing that again any time soon.

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April 19, 2005

Sushi eating machine!

Categories: Kids

Michael (4) has mysteriously become a sushi eating machine. While we've known he has always liked fish, especially salmon, we never gave him raw fish as a kid due to the bacterial risk. Then, one day recently, while I was enjoying my sushi at dinner, he reached across, grabbed a hamachi nigiri and chowed it right down. He loved it and proceeded to eat the rest of my sushi.

Now, when we go to sushi, we have to order him his own. He takes the fish off the rice, eats the rice first like a chipper consuming a log, and then feeds the fish into his mouth in the same fashion. It's like watching the Japanese kid who always wins the hot dog eating contest decimate a pile of hot dogs. It's really a site to behold.

Then, this evening, he asked what the bright orange tobiko (flying fish roe) was. Michelle told him it was "sprinkles" and offered him some. He put a little in his mouth and realized he'd been tricked, "These aren't sprinkles." "Well," I replied, "they're fish sprinkles. Try biting them." He did, smiled, and asked for more. Strange kid.

For the record, he doesn't like wasabi. At all.

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April 10, 2005

This guy has some sand

Categories: Random junk

From MSNBC, regarding the protests in China around new Japanese history text books that downplay Japanese actions in WW II:

Japan summons Chinese envoy
Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura also summoned China

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