June 2004

June 25, 2004

Mozilla guys are reading my posts

Well, looks like the Mozilla guys are reading my posts on Channel 9. Nice to know the competition is watching, I guess. Read

Heck, even a German game website picked up my posts. It's funny how quickly this stuff spreads.

Of course, my fifteen minutes is nothing compared to the incredible noise that Dave Massy has generated now that he's joined our team. I'm, of course, very excited that he's aboard. He, not surprisingly if you know Dave, is a little embarrassed by the attention. The web is a powerful and unpredictable thing. I think that's what I like about it.

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World's best flashlight

Surefire 6PThis isn't a new gadget, but it may be new to you, so what the heck.

I'm a huge fan of the flashlights from Surefire. These guys take their flashlights very seriously. They are mostly aimed at military and law enforcement applications, so the stuff is very tough, insanely bright (they have a light that can blind you through your eyelids), and super functionally designed.

The 6P is the granddaddy of their lights and a personal favorite. It's a good size, bright (see above), and happens to be a good fighting light if you find yourself in a shootout in lowlight. (Doesn't everyone?)

They have very slick LED and weapons-mounted lights too. Their website and catalog are glorious and really show off their passion for excellence.

I love companies who really care about what they build, are honest about what they can and can't build (e.g. they don't claim their LED flashlight is visible at 20 miles and can last a lifetime on a single battery), and build great products.

Great, great stuff.

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June 23, 2004

I love golf

Categories: Random junk

Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with golf. Today, I love it. I played in the Rick Pankow Foundation charity golf tournament yesterday at Washington National. I was teamed up with my good friend Kevin, his friend Mark, and his ringer friend Skip.

The format was a scramble, which means everyone tees off, and then everyone hits from the location of the best ball and so on. The team cards a single score. It's a fun format since there's very little pressure (since there are four chances for each shot) and even duffers like me can contribute.

I was clearly the weakest golfer in the foursome (a position I'm quite used to), but I'm happy to report that I held up my end with a two or three long putts (including one that was maybe fifty feet) and a few nice approach shots including a flippy little wedge to about two feet into a very tight pin and a great 7-wood to six feet, both when everyone else had missed their shots.

I was driving super well too, but that didn't matter a whit since Skip and then Mark were driving 300 yards plus. It's a different game when you can hit your second shots from so far up.

We were on fire from the first hole where Mark almost chipped in for an eagle. We proceeded to shoot a 60, twelve shots under par. Because of the rules of the tournament, we were playing from the back tees for sixteen of the eighteen holes to making our score even more impressive. Alas, 60 wasn't quite enough to win; the winners shot 59. Still, we took home $75 gift certs for second place and the knowledge we had all played really well.

The course was in great shape. It was a beautiful day -- sunny and just the right temperature. I think, though, that playing well made it just a bit sunnier for us. I loved it. Can't wait to play again.

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June 20, 2004

Beautiful night on the water

Categories: Photos

I had the good fortune of working on the Seattle Yacht Club committee boat last Friday for the Anthony's Homeport/SYC sail race. (For those of you who don't race boats, the "committee boat" is the boat where the judges are. The committee sets up the course, handles the start, records the finish, etc.)

In addition to helping with the starting gun and taking down the finish times, I managed to get a few photos. The evening was absolutely stunning with a lovely sunset. The boats were simply beautiful in the evening light. I've posted the best ones here on my site. A larger number are available on my store on Event Pictures.

See the best photos.
Order prints/downloads.


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June 14, 2004

Harry Potter should go back to Azkaban

Categories: Books and such

As many of you know, I love the Harry Potter series. Love it. Love the books, love the books-on-tape (Jim Dale is amazing), love all the rumors and musings about plots to come.

Too bad I hate the movies. It's especially too bad that I really hated the latest installation, The Prisoner of Azkaban. This was probably the best book so far and the worst movie (OK, maybe the first one was worse.) I know there's a lot of detail in the books that can't possibly be in the movie, but I thought the movie went so fast and was cut so poorly that the story didn't make sense.

I've heard that people who did not read the book liked the movie. That may be true. I've tended to dislike movies of books I've read in general, so this might not be a fair assessment, but boy was Azkaban a stinker.

Did it make sense to you?

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June 6, 2004

Mr. Dangerous

Categories: Kids

This is another story from Michelle.

So, Michelle takes Michael (still 3) to the doctor (like you do when you have kids.) This is the first time Michael has seen this doctor. Like many people new to Michael, she doesn't know what's she's in for.

Doctor: "Boy, you're cute."
Michael (immediately and very seriously): "No, I'm dangerous."

You just can't make this stuff up.

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Ah, the French Rivieria!

Categories: Random cool stuff

Vieux NiceBonjour! I'm blogging today from my hotel room in Nice on the French Riveria. It's a bit trite, but Nice is nice. I arrived yesterday afternoon (after a seven hour layover in Amsterdam -- more on that in another entry) and forced myself to walk around and stay up. The Vieux Nice (old Nice) is my favorite part of town, with narrow streets and lots of cool little shops and restaurants.

The beach scene is pretty wild and a bit different from the ones I'm used to. First, the beach is stony, not sandy. Big (albeit mostly smooth) pebbles all over; you need a mattress or you'll be unhappy. There are also a mix of private and public beaches all along the strip. The private beaches are fenced off, and appear to provide nicer chairs, food, bar, etc. And, of course, there's topless sunbathing. Viva la France!

I too the train to Monaco today on my friend Angie's advice. Turned out to be good advice. Monaco is like a French Singapore -- it's very small, very clean (almost too sterile), and rich. Actually, Monaco is grossly rich. I met a great British lady on the train. She had a fascinating background and was nice company as we walked around town together for a while.

I have lots more to write about and photos to share, but now, I need to get some work done so I'm ready for my meetings tomorrow. Right after the meetings I'm off to Paris for a day, then back home. Stay tuned for more exciting travel news.

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