February 2004

February 19, 2004

Ideal Michael Law

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You're all familiar with the "Ideal Gas Law" (gasses expand to fill the available volume). After sleeping with Michael at my parents' house, I have a corollary -- the "Ideal Michael Law" -- Michael expands to fill the available bed space. I don't know how a little three year-old can take up a whole queen sized bed, but he does.

There is also something magical about his feet; no matter where I position him and where I sleep, his feet always wind up pointed at my face (or other sensitive parts.) It's like a pain compass.

Plus, he snores like a little pig. It's a good thing he's cute and the return policy wasn't very liberal.

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February 18, 2004

Golf camp postmortem

Categories: Random junk

Well, I survived my three days of Resort Golf golf camp. It was actually pretty cool. There were just three of us with the one instructor, Tom. We spent a lot of time on grip and posture (even the other student, Scott, who has a three handicap needed work here.) The video analysis of our setup and swings confirmed we all needed work on these. It was really super enlightening to see it on screen.

For me, the class verified that I overswing and am just too flexible, so keeping my timing is hard. When I swing smoothly, it feels like I'm not doing anything, but the ball goes, so it must be right.

The other great thing was learning how to hit the various short game shots. Immediately during our practice rounds, my short game was better (including pitching up close to the hole on a par 5 for my tap in birdie.) I think I might actually be able to hit a ball out of the sand now.

Our instructor Tom was a good guy and a good instructor. It was a fun few days. I highly recommend it if you want to get better. Just be sure to put sunscreen on...

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February 16, 2004

I love Southwest Airlines

Categories: Random junk

We flew Southwest Airlines down here to Las Vegas. It's not hard to see why they're doing well. They run the damn thing well, the planes are in good shape, and the crew clearly enjoys working for the company. Our steward was incredibly funny and everyone was nice. The prices were way less than anyone else too. I don't even mind the cattle boarding since we board early (see, Michael is good for something...)

Compare that to United, my normal carrier. You can almost smell death lingering on a United flight (watch for the vultures circling your plane.) What a difference.

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February 15, 2004

Off to golf camp!

Categories: Random junk

I'm on vacation!! Hurrah! Work has been absolutely draining recently, so I'm especially looking forward to this little break.

I'm taking the boys to Las Vegas while Michelle jaunts off to London. The guys will get a chance to hang out with my mom while my dad and I go off to Resort Golf Golf School at Angel Park Golf Club. I'm sure my hands will be bleeding by the time I'm done, but I can't wait.

Of course, this means I need to fly with the boys first. Alone. I'll be armed with a DVD player, a cool new Sony laptop (with DVD player and recorded TV programs), books, toys, and snacks. I have duct tape too if things get dicey (especially with the Evil One.)

Stay tuned!

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Smack your face

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Michael was upset with me for some reason this morning while I was out running errands with the boys. Through his anger, he glared at me and snarled, "I hope Mommy smacks you in the face. Hard." It took all could I do to keep from laughing.

He's evil, but he's cute...

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February 8, 2004

Very cool airline seat websites

Categories: Random cool stuff

seatguru.JPGThere really is a site for everything -- in this case two. Seatexpert.com and SeatGuru.com have super detailed reports of the ins and outs of each seat on each type of aircraft flown by the major airlines. Who knew that not all first class seats were created equal? Want to know which seats suffer from toilet flushing noise?

SeatGuru has a more comprehensive list of American carriers, but both are sites are useful. Enjoy!

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Sign of our times

Categories: Random junk

First off, congrats to the Stanford men's bball team on their win at the buzzer this weekend over Arizona. 20-0. Amazing.

In the article talking about the game, the writer lists famous Stanford alums who were there.

Celebrities at today's game included Tiger Woods, Jim Plunkett (former Stanford All-American and NFL quarderback [sic]), Bill Walsh (former San Francisco 49er and Stanford head coach), Troy Walters (former Stanford wide receiver and a member of the Indianapolis Colts) and George Schultz (former Secretary of State).

It's an odd world where a former Secretary of State needs an explanation but a golfer doesn't. Maybe our priorities are in the right place after all...

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February 7, 2004

Something I never expected to say

Categories: Kids

"Michael, don't throw that chair at your brother."

Crazy kid.

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