January 2004

January 29, 2004

Oh baby -- New Canon D-SLR!

frontview-001.jpgThe new Canon 1D Mark II has been pre-announced on DPreview. 8.5 frames per second, 8 megapixel, ISO 50-3200, distance based flash metering, and the list goes on.

Canon also announced some cool new lenses including a 28-300 3.5-5.6L IS. Nice all-in-one lens, even if it is a little slow.

Mmm. Yummy.



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January 26, 2004

Jedi Dorks Unite!

Jedi Dork
I'm a geek, no doubt. I am surrounded by geeks, so trust me -- I know geeks.

So, I say with some authority that this guy is truly a dork (much lower on the social scale than geeks). Who spends this much time, energy, and money turning his car into a Star Wars fighter? Clearly, someone who has not discovered girls or really any kind of meaningful social interaction. The worst thing is that there are enough of these guys to have a club.

Get a life!

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Categories: Kids

Michael (yes, still 3 years old) has started calling me "lunkhead." Unfortunately, both Michelle and I started laughing when he said it the first time, so there's no going back.

Not sure where he got it. It was cute at first. Now I just want to beat him. Again.

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IKEA as computer game

Categories: Random cool stuff

OMG, this is funny. The Morning News has written the FAQ for shopping at IKEA like one of those game walkthrough FAQs. Here's a little sample:

As you enter the main area, you will see an EKHARD oiled solid-oak dining sideboard. Quickly kick it apart to acquire the TABLE LEG WITH NAIL.

As you continue through the main SHOWROOM you will see groups blocking the walkways while chatting and others moving against traffic. These people should be killed immediately.

This may not be as funny if you don't play computer games or ever visited IKEA, but I have tested it on Michelle, who is thoroughly non-gamey (unless you count TextTwist. She also gets a little gamey after a weekend with no shower, but that's another matter entirely) She howled and forwarded it to Mike. Of course, that might be because they spent the summer at IKEA during our remodel.

In the end, I liked it, and it's my damn blog. So there.

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January 15, 2004

More Michaelness

Categories: Kids

So, Michelle picks Michael up after school. Michael is clearly mad.

Michelle - "What's wrong, pumpkin?"
Michael - "I hate Nicholas."
Michelle - "What happened?"
Michael - "He punched me in the hand."
Michelle - "Oh, Michael. You don't hate him. He just did a bad thing. Why do you think he punched you in the hand? Did you do something to make him mad?"

Michael - "I punched him in the heart."
Michelle - "Well, Michael, you can't blame someone for punching you back if you punched him first."
Michael - "I know, but I hate it when they defend themselves."

Ah, my little bully.

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January 14, 2004

Quintessential Michael

Categories: Kids

The boys were playing the Pokemon card game this afternoon. Andrew, being a good big brother, tried to explain the intricacies of the game to Michael.

Andrew - "Okay, Michael, this [something, something] means you can't hurt this card right now. Okay?"
Michael - "No, I want that card."
Andrew - [voice rising] "No, Michael you can't fight that one right now; he's not in the game. You can't hurt that pokemon."

Michael - [voice louder than Andrew's and to the sound of a card being ripped in half] "Yes, I can."

We don't need no stinkin' rules...

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January 11, 2004

Bud Lite Ads

Categories: Random junk

Oh my God, I think my spleen is about to burst after listening to some of the Bud Lite Presents radio ads.

So far, I especially love the Mr. Male Football Cheerleader, Mr. Giant Taco Salad Inventor, and Mr. Computer Computer Guy. Hysterical!

So much for my productivity for the rest of the day...

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January 8, 2004

The best rum in the world

I'm not usually a big rum fan unless it's mixed with Coke or something, but I just had a glass of Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum. Damn, it's good. Very, very smooth. It is reminscent of good scotch without the peat or smoke. It's a more clean, sugar cane taste.

This is the world's best rum. I think so. So did the 2000 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Anyway, it's delicious.

It will also kick your ass. I've been sipping an albeit generous pour this evening and can already feel it go to my head. How good.

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Categories: Random cool stuff

This evening we heard a bunch of banging around on the deck. We pulled open the drapes to see pair of very cute raccoons on our deck. They were not afraid of us at all, coming up to the slider to check us out. Check out Mr. Adventurous ->

Given my in-depth knowledge of Procyon lotor I knew that this must be a mating pair. They will be together for a month or so and then in 60-73 days, we will have a litter of raccoons living under the deck. Sure enough, they scampered off for a little sumtin' sumtin' on the lawn. Nothing like having our own raccoon sex show...

(Gotta love my 50 1.4 lens and good 1600 ISO on the Canon 10D. This shot came was basically taken in the dark with just light coming out from our bedroom to iluminate the little guy.)

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OK, this is the coolest thing I've seen for a while. I will probably have to get it, and maybe more than one.

xray_show_f.jpgI'm talking about the Scott eVest. This is a jacket with a thirty pockets (42 with the zip-out liner) plus channels that connect the pockets so you can run wires between them to create your own personal area network. These guys have done a great job with clever design points like being able to divide pockets so you can keep stuff from banging together or to hold up a water bottle.

Camera gear, phones, other gadgets? No problem. And, to protect all your gear, the "Stealth" edition (originally built for the Secret Service) adds side zippers so you can reach your gun. Slick.

Tons of pockets without looking like you're on safari or going fishing. I love it.

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January 3, 2004

Mmm fried food

Categories: Food and Drink

cover.jpgThis has been a good holiday for eating. Every New Year's Day, Michelle makes beignets (made famous at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans). These are deep fried doughnuts covered with powdered sugar. Dr. Atkins would definitely not approve. Michelle's are even better than the ones at Cafe Du Monde and more plentiful (quantity has a quality all its own.)

Since we had a pot of hot oil, I decided I needed to fry stuff. I was too lazy to make a batter, so I made strip chips from Alton Brown's cookbook I'm Just Here for the Food. These are home made potato chips made with a vegetable peeler so there's even less to clean up. I made one big batch with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper and one big batch seasoned with Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning mix -- a tastes-good-on-everything blend with a kick. Both were damn fine. I have to agree with Alton Brown's note that no matter how many you make, the pile of chips is really just one serving.

Alton Brown is the host of Good Eats on the Food Network, my favorite cooking show. Great food science and hacky gear make for an enjoyable show.

I also made "sun" dried tomatoes from a huge box of tomatoes we got for Christmas -- sliced tomatoes with a little sugar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary then baked all night on a very low oven. Wow. I made an incredible omelette (twice actually) with these tomatoes diced with some salami (really!) Insanely great.

Time to cook some more. Mmmmmm...

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Hot & sweaty

Categories: Random junk

bikram.jpgAt the urging of my friend Justin, I tried hot yoga (Bikram style) this morning at Yoga of Bellevue (whose URL is Yoga of Kirkland since they have the same owner.) This is like some kind of medieval torture where they jack the room up to 105 degrees and then subject you to ninety minutes of contortions. All the while, you have to pretend to enjoy it and pay for the privilege.

While lots of people claim nearly miraculous effects from hot yoga, I experienced very common effects like light headedness, incredible thirst, and sore muscles. I have promised to stick it out for a while to see if I like it. Lord knows I need the exercise and a few miraculous effects would be very welcome too.

Stay tuned for updates...

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