May 1, 2008

Bad Daddy

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I'm a bad father. I try my best to instill the right values for the boys, but sometimes, despite my best efforts, the kids go wrong. I know they're just kids and they are each his own individual person, but I can't help but feel responsible.

The other day, Michael (7) saw me working on a competitive review of Firefox. He noticed their logo and said, "That fox is sooo cute and cuddly. I love it!"

I tried to explain how the fox was really the pawn of a joint communist and Al-Qaeda plot with potential connections to Darth Vader, Voldemort, and people with stinky feet, and that it was trying to undermine truth, justice, and the American way. He didn't care; the fox was cute. (I think I may have lost the argument with the Darth Vader connection.)

I'll keep working with him to reinforce our family values. I hope this is just a fad that he'll grow out of like being a Democrat or vegetarian. :)

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Well, there you have it: Firefox isn't a better browser: it's cuddlier.

Consider this: you spend your days using a browser; would you prefer blue, cold, glass-hard IE, or warm, fuzzy, cuddly Firefox?

Your current employment notwithstanding, between the two, preferring IE means you're a masochist :p

Moreover, children words are the truth. So there.


PS: if your kid thought Firefox has a cute logo, don't ever show him the (official Japanese Mozilla team) Foxkeh theme.

Or Michael could just come hang out with me: Democrat, almost-vegetarian, Powerbook and Firefox user that I am :-)

Connie, once again, you're breaking my heart. I could almost forgive the Firefox thing, but almost-vegetarian? Tell me it ain't true...

Does this mean no cake for us this year, Tony? ;-P

I think it would be hard to match the first cake. Besides, you guys didn't send us one when we shipped... :)

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