July 25, 2007

Michael Figures Out How to Shotgun

Categories: Kids

Michael (6) was reading a kids' science book this evening and saw an experiment he wanted to try. Basically, you fill up a plastic pop or water bottle, put the cap on it, and then poke a hole in the side near the bottom. If you open the lid, the water comes out (obviously). There's some more on the how much further the water shoots out when the bottle is more full, water pressure, blah blah, etc.

Without me saying anything, Michael eyeballs the rig for a second, puts, his lips around the hole, opens the top, and drinks the water out quickly. He was a little messy about it, but certainly less than most of our old pledges.

I figured he'd get to this one day, but six is a little young to be shotgunning even water. Precocious kid...

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lol--but did he turn the bottle over on his head when he was done?

maybe he can get into college early? he certainly has a jump start on this critical skill...

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