July 19, 2006

Mr. Precise

Categories: Kids

As I was coming out of a local mall with Andrew (9) and Michael (5) this evening, we passed by a Cold Stone Creamery shop (a good ice cream chain). Michael immediately started pestering me to go in.

Michael: "Please, please, please can we go to Cold Stone?" [repeat n times]

Me: "Michael, stop begging."

Michael: [stopping dead in the parking lot and looking straight at me] "I'm not begging. I"m badgering." ["duh" look on his face.]

Well, damn. I didn't expect to be corrected like this for at least another year or two.

Still, no ice cream. I'm just mean that way. Especially to snarky kids.

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There's a fabulous line in "thank you for smoking" where the kid gets into an argument with his mom, wins, and later says to his dad "it was an argument, not a negotiation".

I have so much to look forward to...

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