April 28, 2006

Spitting Venom

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This evening, I was reading a book about snakes to Michael (5).

Michael: "King cobras are my favorite snake."
Me: "Why?"
Michael: "Because they can spit venom."
Me: "Do you wish you could spit venom?"
Michael: "Yes. I would kill you first. I'd leave your body for another snake to eat though."

I am never turning my back on him again.

(Did you know the average length of a king cobra is nineteen feet long? As if they weren't scary enough with the venom spitting and the big hood."

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Hi Tony,

Blogging about the King is certainly appreciable ... cheers !!!!


1) King Cobra does NOT spit venom. Only a few types of Cobra from Africa and Asia do. Naja nigricollis and naja pallida for examples.

2) The average length of the King Cobra is 8 feet to 14 feet and not 19 as mentioned. The longest recorded hamadryad was 18.8 feet. so, a 19 footer would be a record :D

You're right. The King Cobra doesn't spit venom. The book referred to the Mozambique Spitting Cobra. Michael must have said "Cobras are my favorite snake."

You're also right re: length. Nineteen feet is the max, not the average. Thanks.

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