My Best Photos of 2014

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I think it's been a while since I've done this, but here are some of my best photos of 2014. I think these all have something generally interesting about these. There were many other photos I didn't include that I liked because they have meaning to me personally (e.g. travel/family stuff) or looked good only because the subject was so good looking (e.g. photos of the amazing Crater Lake).

I didn't apply any special effects filters to the images, although they're all pretty heavily edited for color, contrast, and composition.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you think!

Gallery of my best photos of 2014

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Sal Celis Reply

Hi Tony
I enjoyed looking through your images. Thanks for sharing them. From a composition perspective my favorites are the one of the people walking on the beach with surfboards and the ones of people walking away on the beach. I like how my eyes are able to travel throughout the pictures by the use of thirds. Nice job,


Tony Reply

Thanks, Sal, I really appreciate it coming from you!

Shawn Bargsley Reply

Hi, I stumbled upon your website via a link on how to cook bacon in the oven, which I am going to try out later this evening? I started poking around and decided to take a look at your pics. I love your photos!!! Especially of your sons. I have 5 boys myself (thus one of the reasons to cook bacon in the oven).
I'm no expert in any way when it comes to photography, but your photos could be award winning in my eyes!! I really enjoyed looking at them.

Cleaners Manchester Reply

Please take me with you on your next hike/backpacking trip to Shi Shi beach.
I loved the pics and the view of Rattlesnake Ridge.
Bradley @ Cleaning Please

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