The future of blogging (at least for me)

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As you can tell from my monthly archives, I've been blogging a lot less in the past year or two, with only twelve posts this entire year; there used to be some months when I'd post more. Part of it has been some challenges I've had maintaining my blog, but I think I have those worked out now thanks to some help from a Moveable Type expert.

However, I see this same pattern from a lot of my friends' blogging habits. If they're like I am, I share the little things like cool links or short Michael stories via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest these days -- things I used to post here. I feel more pressure for my blog posts to be more thoughtful and richer as a result. You see a lot more photos and longer posts now, but there are a lot fewer of them now.

Truth be told, I miss writing here. I consider my blog to be a diary of my life and thoughts. I really enjoy going back over old posts. I feel like something is missing when I don't write about big things or even small things like new restaurants. Also, my blog is really mine; the stuff I post on other sites is theirs and can disappear in a puff.

So, I'm going to try to write more here going forward and cross post to the other forums instead. I'm not too proud to admit that I like having the comments show up in my blog instead of on Facebook, etc. so feel free to leave notes here...

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Ruth Glaser Reply

Tony--good for you. I use fb to chronicle moments in my children's lives that particularly amuse or touch me. In fact, it would be cool if fb had a "chronicle" feature that would allow me to capture and export photos and posts by child to create a little kid biography for each.

Since that doesn't exist, a blog makes a lot more sense. Recently, I read an article about writing that broke it down simply: if you write 500 words a day, 5 days a week for a year you will end up with a 500 page book at year's end. Now, that may not be your intent, but it's surpising how easy and quick it is to write 500 words a day. One could use it David Sedaris-style as a journal and then cull worthy blog posts from that content. But it's the exercise and displine of writing that intrigued me. At any rate, I thought it was a cool notion and worth trying.

I'll look forward to more blog posts from you. I expect bacon to figure prominently.

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