Chinese Steak Doneness System

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When you order a steak in China (typically at a Western steak house), they will often not understand what you mean by "medium-rare", etc. Aside from the language issues, they use a different , numerically based system here.


  • Very red and cool center == #3: 三成(sān chéng)-肉很红且凉

Medium rare

  • Red, warm center == #4: 四成(sì chéng)-肉红,中心温热


  • Pink center == #5: 五成(wǔ chéng)-中心粉红色

Medium well

  • Slightly pink center == #7 七成(qī chéng)-浅粉红色 (I presume #6 is between Medium and Medium well)

Well done

  • Cooked throughout == 全熟(quán shú)-全部烤熟,无粉红色

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