Camping at Deception Pass

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The boys and I enjoyed our camping trip two summers ago at Deception Pass so much that we decided to go back again this summer.

We set up camp two spaces down from our last site in space 186. It was a nice, level spot, close to the bathrooms and water. (You can see our lovely rental Jeep Commander.)
Our camp site with a tent on the left, picnic table in the middle, and Jeep Commander on the right.

Andrew (13) decided to bring a little American Gothic vibe to the site, but he couldn't get Michael (10) to join in the photo.
Andrew holding a roasting fork and posing ala Grant Wood's American Gothic.

Of course, the big draw (besides cooking stuff on a fire and playing with driftwood) is the beautiful scenery at Deception Pass.
A silouette of Andrew pulling a huge driftwood log from the waters' edge.

Andrew and Michael sitting on a big driftwood log.

Huge driftwood logs strewn on the beach at sunset.

The next morning was a bit foggy (although fortunately it didn't rain on us like last time.)
Foggy Cranberry Lake with a shadowy fisherman in a boat.

The boys decided to hang out in the tent in the morning for a while playing card games. As you can guess from their clothes, it was bit chilly. Fortunately, we learned from our last trip and brought a lot more firewood so we could have more and bigger fires. This was a big improvement and important for our general comfort.
Andrew and Michael in sleeping bags playing cards in the tent. Both boys have hoodies on with the hoods up.

Eventually, the fog started burning off, and it became a lovely day with more playing the beach, hiking, and climbing the rocks. I also showed Andrew how to make snares and deadfalls as part of his camping education. It was kind of lucky that they worked since I hadn't ever made them either, having just read about them in books... (Of course, we didn't leave the traps out nor did we try to catch any animals in them.)
Andrew with Deception Pass Bridge behind him in the distance. There is a low fog over the water.

Andrew climbing down a pretty big rock.

It was a fun trip. I really enjoyed getting the spend time with the family outside in such a beautiful place. They boys didn't have their electronics nor did they seem to miss them. The camping system is pretty well set up in Washington so it's easy to find and reserve a spot online (especially if you do it well in advance like I did). I really don't have many excuses to not take them camping more often, especially once we move back to Seattle from China. 

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Aang Reply

This is so beautiful! Where exactly is that place?

Tony Reply

It's on the north end of Whidbey Island, about 90 minutes north of Seattle.

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