Badminton in Pajamas

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Chinese people in China (vs. overseas Chinese) seem to have a love affair with wearing pajamas in public, despite government pressure to stop. Someone once explained to me that only richer people can afford pajamas, so they're kind of a sign of affluence. Anyway, I saw this guy today playing badminton in a hutong (old alley neighborhoods) in his pajamas. Maybe his neighbors think he's cool, but I think he looks silly.

Man playing badminton in his pajamas.

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Hi I came accoss your website one day and you had brighten my day since. I was born in China and moved oversea at a very young age. I had always wondered about the life I could've had in China and the beautiful people I could've encounter. Looking at your blog makes me feel more attached to my culture. Therefore, I want to thank you for posting this webpage.

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