My Kind of EULA

I've reviewed a lot of EULAs, TOUs, T&Cs*, etc. in my time at Microsoft and can almost understand them even though I'm not an attorney (nor do I play one on TV.) While I mentally summarize each section, I wish I had thought of just spelling it out in the document. I love the simplicity and clarity (and cheek) of the TOU.

Here's a little example:


A few other summary lines I liked:

MOG is about personal use, not your making a buck


MOG needs money to survive


MOG is not your parent


MOG is you


MOG is all-powerful


MOG is powerless


Incidentally, MOG looks pretty cool.


* EULA == End User License Agreement, TOU == Terms of Use, T&C == Terms and Conditions

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kyle Reply

not in relevance to this post in particular, but keep up your blog! it's very entertaining. though people may not comment so much, i'm sure a lot pass through here. as a laowai fan of china and traveling, your blog is a great source of information and entertainment. good luck on all your endeavors.

Tony Reply

Thanks, Kyle. I appreciate it.

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