Liberating Golf Balls

As I've noted several times before, I'm no golfer, despite owning golf clubs and having played for years. I do enjoy it, but boy, am I bad. So, it should be no surprise that I didn't play super well yesterday when I teed it up at Newcastle Golf Club with my friends Chris and Kevin. Fortunately, it was yet another perfect Seattle summer day and the company was fun. Actually, despite the fact I was playing with Chris' old clubs for the first time (mine are in China), I hadn't really played in two years, and it's been a long time since I've played the Coal Creek course (excuse, excuse, excuse), I played surprisingly well (for me) -- at least I didn't hit myself or anyone else.

Like many golfers, I decided I would enjoy the game a lot more with a few drinks; the cute and very chatty cart girl was more than happy to mix some killer Bloody Marys up to ease my golf suffering. An Old Fashioned in the club house afterwards topped it off. Then, our families joined us for a birthday brunch for Kevin. Very, very nice...

Me with the stunning views of Lake Washington and downtown Seattle in the distance.
Me standing on the teebox with a panoramic view of Seattle behind me.

Mommy and Bambi loping across the course. I managed to avoid hitting them.
Mother and baby deer in front of a green. 

Kevin with his birthday treat.
Smiling Kevin holding a plate that says "Happy Birthday" in chocolate with a small bowl of ice cream on it and a lit candle in the ice cream.

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Marcia Reply

Hi Tony! I found your blog when I was looking for details on the "cooking bacon in the oven" technique. The technique worked great and I'm going to tell all my friends, but I'm also enjoying your tour of Seattle and its environs. Great photography! Best wishes from the Bay Area.

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