A Tale of the Tides

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Last week, the Shirouzus, friends of ours from Beijing who grew up in Seattle, invited us out to their family cabin near Bremerton, Washington (west of Seattle, on the other side of Puget Sound). We enjoyed a perfect Seattle summer day -- warm, sunny, and lazy.

When we arrived it was low tide, so the boys went and harassed some geoducks (more on that later). We quickly settled into a pattern of eat, drink, nap, play, repeat. Very nice. The Shirouzus have a huge extended family in the area, all of whom seemed to come by at various times. It was really great to get to spend the day with such a fun, close, huge family.

Houses along the shore at low tide.
Rowboats on a rocky beach with houses in the background at low tide.

Low tide
Sailboat close to a rocky beach at lowtide. 

The same view six hours later at high tide. (Note Mount Rainier in the distance.)
The same sailboat far from land at high tide.

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