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Michael (8) rode a bike by himself today for the first time! This accomplishment was something of a surprise really. Unlike Andrew (11), who has always loved biking and mastered two wheeling at an early age, Michael has demonstrated no interest (negative interest in fact) for quite some time. Yesterday, however, as I was peeking into the new Trek store that opened nearby (I didn't bring my road bike and am thinking I might want one here), Michael suddenly showed interest in a cool new Trek Jet 20. Despite the relatively high price (due to China's import markup), Michelle and I decided to take advantage of this mood swing and bought the bike.

He tried riding yesterday and almost had it, but he couldn't quite get it all working. Then today, while I was getting my bike and Andrew's out for a ride, Michelle and Michael took another swing at things. By the time I came out, Michael was cruising down the street!

Michael cruising down the street in front of our house.

He's still working on starting and stopping, but he rode out to the nearby convenience store about five minutes away later this afternoon. Quite a feat! He's very excited and proud of himself. I think we'll be cruising around the 'burbs together before you know it.

(Separately, Andrew completed his longest ride ever today, almost seven miles. It was a good day for biking.)

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