Second Christmas

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We received our air shipment on Saturday morning, just around a month after arriving. This was an additional set of luggage to arrive ahead of our sea shipment (which contains our big stuff like furniture, my golf clubs, etc.) Unwrapping the boxes was like getting a second Christmas. In addition to a bunch of clothes (very welcome -- I was getting tired of the same things we packed in our suitcases) I got my camera gear (yeah!!) and some gloves (also welcome -- my hands were getting cold!) The boys received their Legos and our xBox 360, so they were delighted as well. Michelle was happy to have some more diversity in her clothes as well in addition to some missing toiletries and such.

Our sea shipment is actually in the country too, but it's still going through Chinese customs. Every so often I get a call asking for detail about something. Some thing are hard to explain. For instance, I had to explain that the Rock Band drum kit wasn't really a set of drums but an input device for a video game. Unfortunately, I don't know how to say video game or input device in Chinese nor do I think the person I was speaking with knew what a video game was. I hope I got my point across. We expect to get our sea shipment in the next few weeks. It'll be nice to have all of our stuff again and to move into our permanent home.

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Trevin Reply

Glad to hear you all are getting settled. Since I never hear from Michelle I glad to see all your blog posts :). I partiularpy love re ones recounting your food adventures!

Clint Jorgenson Reply

Excuse me, ' golf clubs', what is the ROI on that shipment... ;) - Happy Holiday's!

Tony Reply

@Clint: The ROI is at least as good as it was in Seattle this summer! Actually, there's a golf school thing right here in the the basement of the office, so I hope to at least hit more often.

@Trevin: Thanks. I'll let Michelle know you're unhappy with her.

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